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infused pre-roll

A flawless fusion of top-tier flower and solvent-free rosin.

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Passionately Growing
Kush mints
Rainbow belts 2.0
Lava cake
GG #4
Ice cream cake
Trop cherry
Chocolate and cream
Passionately Growing
Pink zugar
Animal tree
Tiger cake
Grape cream cake
Cream Gravity
Passionately Growing
Cereal milk
Super Boof
Garlic Cocktail
Gelato cake
Puro loco
Passionately Growing
Wedding cake
Dancing Amnesia
Now N creme
Triangle kush x t.s.
Apple tartz
Gelato 41

Infused with solventless THCa for a stronger high and coated in rosin and kief for flavor.

Crafted to be strain-specific for an authentic expression of flavor and targeted effects.

Experience a better joint, swing by the dispensary and grab one today!

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Browse our infused pre-roll strains. Our award-winning live hash rosin is also available in the strains marked in gold.

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