Elevated Cannabis



Potency, color, flavor, and aroma create a smooth smoke everyone can enjoy. Cultivated to exceed the standards.

Live Rosin 

We use only water, ice, heat, and pressure to create our 100% solventless live rosin.

SUMMUS (latin)

summus, -a, -um (adj. A): uppermost, highest, topmost; the top of, highest part of; greatest, most important, supreme

About Us

Summus cannabis is meticulously cultivated in a state-of-the-art facility enhancing the science of light and water to produce the highest quality product.

Meet Henry, our passionate Cultivation Director that oversees our plants from sourcing to final trimming.

"Summus Grow offers a clean high from their vibrant and flavorful buds. I was very pleased with my experience."

Customer – Erica C.

"A fantastic trifecta of terps, quality cannabinoids and bag appeal. My favorite cannabis on the market."

Customer – Chase M.